The Experts Behind CARE Homeschool Coaching

Julie and Robert Caprera have a unique story to tell. They have been actively involved in home education for over 3 decades. They have extensive experience on a local, state, and national level incorporating the largest home school organization in the Northeast. They homeschooled their own children from PreK-12.  Julie also homeschooled 2 other children for high school to graduation. Their affiliates and friends are among the top leaders in homeschool education. The Capreras are located in Southbridge, Massachusetts, where they live and raised their 3 children.

Robert Caprera

Julie Caprera​

Rob graduated from Duke University and went on to receive his JD from Nova Law school in 1979. As an attorney, Rob has dedicated his practice to representing oppressed homeschool families at all levels in Massachusetts. He incorporated one of the largest homeschool organizations in the Northeast in 1993, and was a member of the Board of Directors until 2018. Rob Caprera has been a lecturer and speaker on homeschool education for more than 20 years. Along with his wife Julie, he taught his children from K to 12th Grade.

Julie received her degree from Florida State University in Nursing, where she went on to be a Critical Care Nurse. She became a home educator when her children were born and successfully taught her 3 children from K to 12th Grade. Julie started her successful travel business and continued to be involved in Homeschool conventions, conferences, and networking. With a passion to help other families through the home education process, Julie started CARE Homeschool Consulting to offer professional support to those who are seeking help.

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