"Rob and Julie Caprera are experienced homeschooling veterans who have helped hundreds of families start and continue homeschooling. I have known Rob and Julie professionally and personally for nearly twenty years as the most warm and servant hearted people you can imagine. They have served in local, state and national homeschooling leadership and homeschooled their own three children successfully. Their experience, wisdom, faith, and optimism will create an enthusiasm in anyone. I’m excited about how they are now investing in a new generation of homeschooling parents. As a homeschooling Mom, Julie has seen it all and is encouraging no matter what. As an HSLDA affiliated lawyer who has helped scores of families through tough times, Rob has a time tested perspective. If you are looking for someone who can help you get started homeschooling, figure out how to homeschool through a challenging situation or just have a few questions about this or that – Rob and Julie can help you. Their wisdom is worth its weight in gold and I’m so pleased I can call them friends and co-laborers in homeschooling service."
Mike Donnelly
Senior Counsel, Global Outreach, HSLDA
"At a time when the idea of homeschooling was still foreign to most, my parents made the choice to homeschool myself and my siblings. I'm certainly grateful for the many sacrifices they made along the way, and benefited personally from their involvement for decades in leadership positions in the homeschool movement. My parents fostered a deep and rich engagement of the world, and combined with the flexibility inherent in the homeschool model provided some unique benefits and rich experiences for me. As a child, my love for history was fostered through internships at Old Sturbridge Village, and visits to countless Civil War battlefields and national historical sites around the country on family trips. My parents involvement in state and national home school organizations allowed exposure for me to the ideas of engagement and service at high levels from a young age. It also allowed for travel around the country. Supplemented with international travel this allowed for a rich and diverse experience I count as invaluable now as an adult. I was able to cultivate first-hand experiences and relationships that set me above my peers as I engaged issues with a perspective that was beyond the scope I could have dreamed if I had followed a traditional trajectory. In my undergrad and graduate studies I more fully realized the benefit of my homeschool experience as I was able to draw upon such a wide range of experiences and exposure. For these and other reasons my wife and I have made the choice to continue the pattern and homeschool our children. There is always an abundance of resources available at "Grammy" and "Grampy's" house."
Paul Caprera
"Julie and Rob Caprera have been active leaders in home schooling for many, many years. They have demonstrated a willingness to serve, to motivate, and to shepherd both families and individuals who are looking for a better way to live. The Capreras have successfully educated their own children (all three are college graduates and two have advanced degrees). They have also taught other students, led classes and workshops, organized large scale events (including massive curriculum sales), and spent countless hours in helping families find success in home educating their children. If you have questions about family life, home education, or establishing practical goals for your children, Julie and Rob can give practical guidance, insight and encouragement. Let them help you turn current challenges into opportunities for success."
Janet Beavin
Veritas Scholars Academy Instructor - Homeschool Mom of 5, K-12, 28 years
"My husband and I have known Rob and Julie for many years. Our children have grown up in homeschooling with their children. Rob is a very competent lawyer, with experience working with Massachusetts homeschooling cases. He is a great source of information. Julie has experience dealing with her own children’s learning styles, as well as helping another child, not in her family, navigate his high school years in a homeschool setting. Julie is a creative and real person who works hard to understand the needs of those around her, and to help them solve their problems. "
Carol Arnold, M.A.T.
Homeschool Mom alumnae
Homeschool Grandmom
Former High School Science Teacher
"For our 1998 Christmas letter, I chose to include a copy of an article from Teaching Home Magazine, highlighting a homeschooling family. I liked what I read as the essay exactly articulated why our family had chosen to homeschool. The article was written by Julie Caprera, who now offers her coaching services for new homeschooling families. Even though I had never met her, she was an important influence on our education journey. Interestingly, Julie's sister, Janet, ended up joining our church in Virginia, and I have since gotten the opportunity to meet her, so I feel confident in advocating for you to trust Julie; her experience, counsel, and care will serve you well!"
Margaret Hudson
M.S.Ed. VA certified public school teacher, ret.
Owner, Educational Solutions, offering tutoring services in Algebra I, II, and Geometry Winchester, Virginia
"Spiritual parenting can be challenging. Life often consists of good and bad weeks, hard days, rewarding days, and constant weariness. The CARE program’s facilitators helped us, as busy worn-out parents, recalibrate on the eternal targets and realistic approach steps. As parents of 10 children, ages 19 to 4, we highly recommend the Capreras. As a bonus, we made some new parenting friends."
Joel and Melinda Smith
"I love to grow tomatoes. And any gardener knows that the tomato limbs grow much too heavy by the time the fruits fully grow and ripen. A strong cage of some variety is necessary. Homeschooling is an unknown world to many, and from a glance, the burdens seem too heavy to bear. But those of us called to do it long to see our precious children grow, ripen, mature and be ready to offer the sweetness of Christ to others through their own lives. Enter Julie Caprera. She has served as a beautiful part of my tomato garden. She has listened as my limbs have grown too heavy, has lifted them up, and led me to rest them on God's faithful strength. She has supported me with practical, hands-on ways to promote growth and maturity in the lives of my 'tomatoes'. She has helped to prune me, 'removing the suckers' from my branches, and encouraging me to put my energy where it counts the most. Her ideas sometimes pour from her like a well-pressured hose. Her intentions are pure and clear. And I leave my time with her soaking up her wisdom and practical insights. I encourage all homeschooling moms to have a 'Julie'. To allow someone to come close to all you have planted, to support and strengthen you with truth, and to pray with you for favor from the great God of abundance. "
Christine Leo

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